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Evil Knows

What do you need to make the most evil science TV show ever? A host who tries the nastiest experiments on himself. Lots of cold – and hot – hard facts that explain all this insanity. The host is Evil Jared Hasselhof. Rockstar and bass player of the Bloodhound Gang. Sleepless for 96 hours straight. Shaking off a bloodhound and noodling with the fattest catfish. Evil is as Evil does.

Lead Cast

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    • Season 1
    • August 13, 2017
    First of all Jared will fulfil a [man's] dream - driving a Formula One car. In a double seater in France, he will be pressed into the seat at 3 G - a test for the neck muscles. Barely time to catch his breath then Jared moves on to the centrifuge.
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    • Season 1
    Evil’s task: shake off the world’s best bloodhound dog with evil nasty tricks.
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    The Hottest Shit

    • Season 1
    Evil eats his way to the hottest chili.
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    Wild, Wild, West

    • Season 1
    Evil finds out the hard way how cowboys lived in the wild wild west.
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    • Season 1
    Evil wants to catch the fattest catfish with his bare hands. Good luck with that.

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