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Gym Shorts

This is a comedy series about the quirks and qualities of gym life. Taking place at the local gym U Ran Us Fitness, discover a world of colorful, relatable characters who bond together through their desires, unchecked expectations and the deeper meaning of life and lack of reality you can only find in the gym.

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    Kevin Gets A Membership

    • Season 1
    Recently divorced Kevin gets a tour of a small town gym, U*Ran*Us Fitness, and meets some interesting gym members.
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    Gina Gets An Audition

    • Season 1
    Kevin meets more gym members and continues to work out with clueless trainer Chad, while Gina practices for her audition all day. MagChop commercial.
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    Promo Episode 2.5

    • Season 1
    Get the tour of the new Gym Shorts gym, meet some new characters and learn how to work out at U*Ran*Us Fitness. Featuring Eric Claussen, Zachary Vazquez and Lela La Loba.

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