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Joe Robinet Adventures

Joe Robinet shows the realities of being out in the bush, whether it be an overnighter in the woods, or an extended, 10-day fly in canoe/fishing trip. We’ll see his failures, as well as his accomplishments, in an effort to show you who he really is: just a regular Canadian guy who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Lead Cast

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    California Trip - Dispersed Camping In a National Forest - Giant Sequoia

    • Season 1
    • March 3, 2019
    • 00:48:00
    It had been over a year since I saw my good buddy Kyle. He had moved to California for work and I promised him I would visit.
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    Joe Robinet Adventures - Camping With A Kid

    • Season 1
    • March 3, 2019
    • 00:48:00
    I take my 4 year old daughter out to the woods to camp overnight.
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    Doug And I Annoying Each Other For An Hour Straight

    • Season 1
    Just a couple of buddies picking on each other. But they had fun.
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    Making and Cooking Wild Leek Soup at Natural Debris Hut in the Forest

    • Season 1
    Come along for the day as the 2 dogs and I head out to a natural debris hut in the forest. We find wild leeks, make wild leek soup in the forest, while the 2 dogs relax from the long hike in, and we explore the rocks and cave near the debris hut.
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    Canoe Tripping 8 Days In The Wild

    • Season 1
    This video documents days 5-8 of an epic 8 day canoe trip through the waters and land of Ontario's Algonquin Park.
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    Overnight Bushcraft Camp With My Dog-Rock Cooking Bacon Making Bush Chair

    • Season 1
    Camping with my dog Scout. I hope you guys enjoy seeing me camp out under a tarp with my dog in the winter time.
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    Overnight Winter Bushcraft Camp With A Dog Under A White Tarp

    • Season 1
    Come along with my dog, Scout and I as we hike through the forest in a Canadian winter, I carry a backpack with enough camping and bushcraft gear for the 2 of us to camp out overnight under a tarp. I cook bacon and steak on a rock over the fire.
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    Overnight Winter Ice Fishing In A Hot Tent With A Woodstove on the Night of the Supermoon

    • Season 1
    Join me in this Canadian adventure. Shawn James, from the My Self Reliance series and I set off from his log cabin in the forest. We hike in the snow, pulling sleds carrying our camping gear. We travel to a frozen lake, set up a snowtrekker hot tent, chop firewood for the cold night, and auger holes in the ice so we can ice fish. We catch a few northern pike, and cook them up for supper, all while experiencing camping in a supermoon.
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    Solo Bushcamp Backpacking Camp

    • Season 1
    I travel to the Wildlands non-operating Park to do a bushcraft backpacking solo overnight with my new bushcraft backpack. Designed for me by the Canadian company YNOT.
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    Solo Winter Overnight Bushcraft Camp

    • Season 1
    I travel north to do a Solo Winter Overnight Bushcraft camp. I snowshoe in, build a poncho tarp shelter, use my axe, saw, and knife, I build a fire, and cook a steak on the coals.
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    24 Hours in the Mountains - Camping in the Sierra Nevada

    • Season 1
    Join buddy Kyle and I as we backpack into a campsite on the Rae Lakes Loop in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
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    Bushcraft Basecamp - Building the Lean To, Bucksaw Use, Outdoor Cooking.

    • Season 1
    In this second episode of Bushcraft Basecamp, I build my lean to back wall, clean up camp, cook sausages and pancakes over a fire, and saw up a bunch of wood.
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    Family Canoe Camping - Algonquin Park.

    • Season 1
    Our first canoe camping trip as a family, we brought our dog, Scout as well. Our first night was spent car camping at Rock Lake campground. The next morning we headed out in the canoe to find a backcountry site where we camped for two nights.

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