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Sublets is an award winning web-series, taking home the Best Comedy Award from the Vancouver Web Festival, as well as the I love New York Award from the New York Web Festival .Will and Tess are stuck in post-collegiate purgatory. This co-dependent duo is struggling to pay bills, stay focused, and find fulfillment while navigating life in New York City. On top of this, their lives get even more complicated when their longtime roommate deserts them unexpectedly. With no other choices available, they must find a sublet to fill the empty room, and quick. Rent is due! Every time each new potential tenant arrives, they bring out the flaws of this neurotic but lovable pair.

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    Batman's Girlfriend

    • Season 1
    Will and Tess find themselves in a bind when their longtime roommate Brendan throws them a curveball.
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    Cruise Baby

    • Season 1
    Will and Tess find a new roommate in an old friend who turns their home into a 24/7 party.
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    The Knot of Exodus

    • Season 1
    Will and Tess are surprised to learn that their strange new sublet from Craigslist has brought her boyfriend to stay.
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    Matters of The Heart

    • Season 1
    A crisis occurs, causing Will and Tess to spring into action and take toll of what’s important.
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    • Season 1
    A sage new sublet from Twitter sees Will and Tess through a slump; together they self-medicate and lose track of time.
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    • Season 1
    Will and Tess agree to attend a Young Republican party with their new socialite roommate. Bets are placed and it’s off to the conservative races.
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    No Exit

    • Season 1
    The gang plays a game to distract Tess from the impending results of her art competition, but end up focusing on something not so fun.
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    Conscious Uncoupling

    • Season 1
    Will and Tess adapt to a new way of life. Tess learns how to be independent, while Will learns the importance of checking his mail.

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