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Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

Sue Thomas, a deaf woman with an extraordinary ability to read lips, moves to Washington, D.C to begin her new job as a F.B.I agent. However when she arrives she finds out that the job is not as exciting as she would have.
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    SUE THOMAS FB EYE - Pilot Part 1

    • Season 1
    "Sue Thomas, a deaf woman with an extraordinary ability to read lips, moves to Washington, D.C to begin her new job as a F.B.I agent. However when she arrives she finds out that the job is not as exciting as she would have."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Pilot Part 2

    • Season 1
    "Watch Part 2 of the Pilot. Sue Thomas, a deaf woman with an extraordinary ability to read lips, moves to Washington, D.C to begin her new job as a F.B.I agent. However when she arrives she finds out that the job is not as exciting as she would have
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Bombs Away

    • Season 1
    "Sue’s first FBI assignment involves the high stakes world of investigating an anonymous bomb threat at an oil refinery. Tensions rise when thwarting the bomber rests on Sue’s untested abilities. Lucy and Sue decide to share an apartment but unforeseen problems threaten their plans – and their friendship. To welcome their new member, Sue’s team subjects her to a funny series of hazing pranks."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Assassins

    • Season 1
    "Sue is swept into the maelstrom of a dangerous assignment when the FBI must protect a visiting dignitary who’s been targeted for assassination by a terrorist cell. She learns three hired European mercenaries have already slipped into the U.S. to do the job. Meanwhile, Lucy gets sick and has to spend some time at home, resulting in chaos reigning at the office."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- A Snitch In Time

    • Season 1
    "Sue cultivates her first informant who just might lead her from a small time smuggling case to a big time highway robbery ring – if she can discern when – and when not – to trust him. Myles is determined to get the team moved to a new improved office space but finds himself up against his nemesis – an officious office manager who is just as determined to make Myles’ life miserable."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Blast From The Past

    • Season 1
    "Dimitrius faces a crisis point in his marriage and his career when he and his family are stalked by a recently released armed-robber intent on revenge. Sue deals with a mysterious informant while developing leads to bring down a major money-laundering ring. Lucy reluctantly asks Myles for assistance in helping her to prove that she didn't cause a ding in an obnoxious doctor’s ’69 Corvette."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Silent Night

    • Season 1
    "Sue’s parents come to visit for the holidays and, while Sue and her mother both want the perfect Christmas, they have different ideas about what that is. Meanwhile, Sue, Jack and the gang investigate a series of bank robberies that are committed by – Santa Claus? And Bobby meets his match in a beautiful but cynical newspaper journalist (guest star Polly Shannon)"
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Greed

    • Season 1
    "When Sue uncovers corruption at a powerful corporation, she persuades a frightened employee to work with the FBI in making their case. But when they cross the ruthless top executives, they find their careers – and their lives – in danger. Meanwhile, FBI pride – and bragging rights – are on the line when Myles coaches the agents in a football game against long-time inter-agency rival, the DEA."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Dirty Bomb

    • Season 1
    "Sue and the team receive information a “Dirty Bomb” has been smuggled into the country. Knowing thousands of innocent civilians could be killed, the agents race against time – and are forced to form an unholy alliance with the powerful head of a D.C. gang – in a desperate attempt to find the bomb before it is detonated."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- The Leak

    • Season 1
    "What looks like a routine SWAT takedown of a terrorism suspect turns into a potentially deadly ambush of our people. Myles finds himself dealing with the psychological aftermath of the experience while Sue leads the charge to uncover the information leak that compromised the raid – a twisted trail that may lead all the way to the halls of the U.S. Senate"
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Diplomatic Immunity

    • Season 1
    "Bobby rescues a woman from a vicious attack – but his noble action threatens to end his career when the attacker turns out to be a Sudanese diplomat. Buffeted by lies and facing the stonewall of “diplomatic immunity,” Sue and the other agents put their own careers at risk to pursue a mysterious set of clues, their only hope of exonerating their fellow agent and friend."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Missing

    • Season 1
    "The F.B.I. team’s favorite waitress goes missing but what seems like a possible kidnapping case becomes more complicated when Tara and Bobby discover the waitress may have been involved with an Asian gang. In another case, Sue and Jack arrest a suspect but are surprised to find him so compliant – and even more surprised to find out why. Myles vies for the position of media relations liaison."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Prodigal Father

    • Season 1
    "Bobby is in for an emotional upheaval when his wayward father comes back into his life with a very surprising proposition. Sue comes to grips with her feelings for Jack when he’s faced with a shocking and unexpected set of circumstances – only to put those feelings on hold when someone from Jack’s past reappears."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- He Said, She Said

    • Season 1
    "Sue’s special skill of lipreading lands her on an FBI/DEA task force but later finds her credibility – and job – on the line. Levi falls in love with a dog and also plays matchmaker Sue? Heat is turned up on the agents literally when Bobby and Dimitrius take repair into their own hands. Charlie and new assistant Troy (Troy Kotsur) attempt a home improvement project at Sue and Lucy’s apartment."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- The Fugitive

    • Season 1
    "Our team goes into high gear when a violent fugitive escapes from a prison van and heads straight for D.C. Meanwhile, Sue has serious misgivings when she is invited to attend a wedding where she’ll come face to face with people who made her high school years miserable."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- The Signing

    • Season 1
    "Sue uses American Sign Language (ASL) to question Troy (Deaf actor Troy Kotsur), an arrogant, deaf suspect in a car theft ring. (Troy Kotsur is Deanne Bray’s real-life husband; it’s believed this is the first time on TV two deaf or hard of hearing actors communicated by signing in scenes then subtitled for viewers.) Meanwhile, the bullpen is thrown into chaos when a new supervisor is on deck.","thumbnail"
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- Billy The Kid

    • Season 1
    "When Jack’s former mentor, a federal judge, is shot, the investigation leads Jack to a disturbing discovery involving the world of illicit drug labs. Meanwhile Sue does her best to keep Lucy calm when Lucy becomes suspicious of a man with designs on her widowed mother. And the real Sue Thomas makes a guest appearance as a surprising character."
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    SUE THOMAS F.B. EYE- The Hunter

    • Season 1
    "A request from Charlie spurs Sue and Myles to investigate a cab driver’s murder. But their case takes an unexpected twist when it leads them to a string of murders that recall a famous serial killer from twenty years ago. When Jack is sued for accidentally killing a woman’s rooster, he cries ‘fowl’ – and finds himself needing the aid of Howie, Sue’s first snitch, to help him make his case."

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