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The Most Dangerous Ways To School

Facing the most extreme conditions, the children in this series must march, climb or swim their way to school. In doing so, they fear neither brutal cold nor dangerous terrain. They must conquer floods and face wild animals. And yet they have only one goal in sight: a better life. But the path towards this goal is a breath-taking mixture of adventure and danger. These children have the most spectacular and most dangerous way to school in the world: sometimes the most beautiful as well…

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    Nepal, Bagmati Province

    • Season 1
    They climb up mountainous paths or fight their way through icy wastelands with -50°C. The participants, at times without shoes and for days at end, are mere students on their way to school.
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    The Massai’s way to school, Kenya

    • Season 1
    They walk through the Kenyan savanna, each day a journey full of adventure and dangers. But for those who live here it`s an ordinary way to school thirst, hunger and wild dangerous animals all around.
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    Himalaya, India

    • Season 1
    The way to school takes 4 days. It is so long that the children only travel it 4 times a year. Twice there and back: 100 kilometers, 4000 meters above sea level and in temperatures below -30°C.
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    With the reed-boat to the Indio School, Titicaca Lake, Peru

    • Season 1
    3800m above sea level, totora reeds are the key for a home, the ground under the feet and also for an education. The children of the Uros paddle every day, in self-made boats to school; some for hours at a time
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    The Coldest way to school in the World, Oimjakon, Sibiria

    • Season 1
    In the coldest city on earth, heat is foreign. These students must hurry on their way to school; they don’t want to freeze. Here the average temperature in January is -50.1°C and in 1926, it even fell to -71.2°C.
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    Jungle Rivers, Nicaragua

    • Season 2
    Every morning, the three sisters Julia, Yulissa and Kenya climb into their dugout in order to row to school. They live on the east coast of Nicaragua, one of the world’s poorest countries, and the youngest of them has just turned five; the oldest is nine
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    Normadic Challenges, Mongolia

    • Season 2
    Tuguldur has to find a suitable point at which to cross the river. The 10-year-old nomadic boy rides his horse alone to school and each time must cross the frozen Tunkhel river in the north of Mongolia
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    Sierra Madre, Mexico

    • Season 2
    Every Monday, little Lorenzo struggles alone as he makes his way over slippery scree and past steep canyons. And all this just so he can go to school and receive something to eat there. The 6-year-old lives in northwest Mexico.
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    The Hottest Way to School, Ethiopia

    • Season 2
    When the schoolchildren wake up to the first rays of sunshine, the temperature is already over 30°C. They live in the Danakil desert in northeast Ethiopia, near an active volcano, in a region that is the world’s hottest on average.
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    Stunning Rain Forest, Papua New Guinea

    • Season 2
    They live in Papua New Guinea, an island in the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of one of the world’s largest rainforests. And some of them take a route to school which will blow your mind.
    • Season 3
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    • Season 3
    The children from Madibago in the southern Philippines have one of the most spectacular and dangerous ways to school in the world. Some walk alone through the jungle for hours, others risk their lives, in order to make it past a steep face of rock and boulders, overgrown with moss and tree roots.
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    • Season 3
    In northern Colombia, in the region Bajo Cauca, more than 180 miles north of Medellín, the landscape is marked by water and seemingly endless expanses. Every day, the children who live there face this rough, unpredictable wilderness – with just one goal in mind: making it to school. Because this is their chance to break out of poverty and create a better life. Like the ten year old Kendys and the other schoolchildren.
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    • Season 3
    The Yungas Valley in Bolivia: a unique landscape, where the Andes Mountains meet the Amazon Rain Forest. In this remote section of one of the poorest countries in South America, children have a very long and incredible dangerous walk to school ahead of them. All for one goal: education – for a better life.

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